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Here's the deal.

If our recommended certified CWRS wheat varieties do not deliver higher yield and more profit than your current seed plan, we’ll pay for any shortfall of profit you may experience.

Visit your participating FP Genetics retail to compare our certified seed varieties to your current variety of seed used. With our Certified Seed Profit Calculator, we will show you how FP Genetics products will raise your profit on every acre of CWRS you grow. We will even use information from third party trials to prove what we can deliver in extra profit for you.

If you don’t believe that our seed offers a clear advantage in yield and profit, let’s settle it in the field. We will do a side-by-side test in your field compared to your current seed practices, and if your system wins, we will pay the difference in profit realized.

If you are interested in more profit on every wheat acre or want to learn more about the Certified Seed Profit Guarantee, visit your local participating FP Genetics Seed Grower. Our seed growers have the local experience with our products to recommend the best variety for your farm.

These are the rules for the FP Genetics Certified Seed Guarantee, which is available at participating shareholder locations.

Guarantee Rules

  1. We agree on a field, which can be up to 640 acres and must be reasonably uniform. We then decide if the results will be tabulated by actual weight or your combine’s grain yield monitor. Finally, you and an FP Genetics Territory Manager will sign an official guarantee document.
  2. You buy and seed half the field with our recommended variety (CDC Utmost VB, AC® Muchmore or CDC Plentiful) and the other half with your bin run seed. Seeding on both sides must be done within 24 hours by the same equipment and at the same seeding rate of approximately 35 plants per square foot (usually about two bushels per acre).
  3. Fertility and pest management must be the same on both sides of the field.
  4. The harvested crop will be measured with an FP Genetics Territory Manager in attendance. In the unlikely event that the recommendation of our FP Genetics retailer does not deliver higher yield and more profit, we will pay the difference in profit realized.