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Why Certified Seed?

Compared to Bin Run

Many growers choose to use their bin run seed in the spring. Here are some reasons that we think you should consider one of FP Genetics’ outstanding certified seeds.

  1. When you use the latest varieties, you gain the accompanying bump in yield and quality.
  2. There is an inevitable reduction in the quality of bin run seed as the number of generations increases between it and the original certified seed.
  3. Bin run seed isn’t free. You lose the commercial value you would have realized plus it costs a lot of time and money to have bin run seed cleaned, hauled, tested and stored. If you do a complete analysis, it probably costs money to use bin run seed instead of certified.

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Newest genetics

When you plant certified seed, you deliver your farm the highest yield and profit potential by accessing the newest genetics and their improved traits like higher yields disease and insect resistance. New varieties are delivering yields 10% or more than older varieties.

Clean seed

Certified seed is grown under stringent production requirements that ensure minimal weed and disease impact on your farm. This will maximize quality and production and reduce costs.

Varietal purity

Certified seed ensures that you have varietal purity that will maximize the benefits of the variety such as disease tolerance, yield and quality. The end result is higher profit for your farm.

Maximizes the value of all crop inputs

Certified seed is the foundation for maximum economic yield.

Food Safety and Traceability

Food safety and traceability are of paramount importance to consumers. Certified seed is the foundation of IP programs that deliver this value to consumers.

Seed Conditioning

The blue tag ensures that certified seed meets or exceeds the exacting standards of the Seeds Act.