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AAC Bravo is a tried and true brown flax variety with a wide range of adaptability. It has a competitive package for yield, disease and lodging resistance. AAC Bravo has a large seed size which has added benefits to seeding and harvesting.

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  • Good yielding; up to 104%* of the check
  • Strong disese package
  • Good lodging resistance
  • Large seed size

*Source:2019 Alberta Seed Guide



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  • "AAC Bravo has great yield, good seed size and stands well. It is a very good variety."

    - Glen Laxdal, Lakeside Seeds, Wynyard, SK

  • "AAC Bravo flax is well adapted to all growing regions of the Prairie provinces with very good yield potential in the shorter growing season of the black and grey soil zones AAC Bravo flax is a great alternative to add to the rotation of other cereal, oilseed and pulse crops we produce on our farm. The large seed size of this variety is a characteristic desirable for producers, processors and end users."

    - Robin Fenton, Fenton Seed Farm Ltd., Tisdale, SK

  • "AAC Bravo flax is a competitive yielder to other flax varieties. It has short straw with good standability and is easy to harvest. A less known advantage of AAC Bravo is the 'L' rating for the largest seed size in flax varieties. The larger seed size has been reported to improve speed of seed emergence timing and seed separation during combining."

    - King Seeds Ltd., Three Hills, AB



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