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CWRW Wheat


Seeding For Gold

AAC Goldrush is a next generation, high yielding CWRW with excellent winter hardiness. It comes with good standability and strong rust resistance, and is rated intermediate to fusarium head blight (FHB).

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  • Very high yielding; 111% of CDC Buteo
  • Excellent winter hardiness
  • Strong straw and medium height
  • Strong disease package
    • Resistant to leaf rust, moderately resistant to stem rust
    • Intermediate to FHB and stripe rust

*Source: 2019 Sask Seed Guide


CDC Falcon/CDC Osprey//Crimson/CDC Falcon


AAC Goldrush is suited to all growing regions of Western Canada.

Info Sheet

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  • "AAC Goldrush had very good winter survivability through some very tough conditions in the two seasons we have grown it through the Fall/Spring of 2016/17 and 2017/18. This is extremely important when growing winter wheat in southern Saskatchewan where snow cover can be variable and spring moisture scarce. I have only combined one crop so far but was impressed with the yield and HVK (hard vitreous kernels) of the seed. I hope it becomes a very successful variety for southern Saskatchewan farmers."

    - Nicholas Petruic, Avonlea SK

  • "AAC Goldrush is being launched for growers that are looking for a CWRW variety with high yields, a strong disease package and excellent standability. To date, it has been reported that this product is showing very good winter hardiness which is a compelling feature for any winter wheat."

    - Herman Wehrle PAg., Director of Market Development, FP Genetics Inc.