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CW Experimental Wheat

The First Hard White Winter

AAC Icefield is Canada’s first hard white winter wheat. As a winter wheat variety, it provides signigicant yield improvements over hard white spring wheats and has improved flour milling extraction, gluten strength, flour brightness and a sweeter taste than CWRW wheats.

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  • High yielding; 104%* of Radiant
  • Short straw and good standability
  • Good rust resistance
  • Good end-use qualitites
  • Improved milling extraction and dough strength vs. CWRW
  • Bright white flour and sweeter taste vs. CWRW

*Source: 2019 Alberta Seed Guide



Info Sheet

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  • ““AAC Icefield is being launched for end users that want a very high yielding hard white wheat that can be competitively priced into the Asian steam bread and noodle market. It has very white flour and very good gluten strength which is sought after by millers and bakers. Additionally, early results are showing this product can be a good product for the whole grain flour market.””

    -Herman Wherle, Director of Market Development, FP Genetics


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