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White Milling Oat


Well known for its short stature, AC® Summit has stood up against the competition. A white milling oat with proven yields, good harvestability, excellent disease package, and medium maturity makes for an easy harvest and has been a proven standard for millers.

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  • Excellent disease package
    • ‘I’ for multi-gene crown rust, stem rust and barley yellow dwarf disease
  • Short stature, good lodging resistance
  • Up to 108%* of Dancer
  • Easy to harvest with mid-maturity
  • Desired milling qualities: high beta glucan, high test weights and low hull percentage

*Source: 2020 Manitoba Seed Guide


AC® Ronald/OT299

Info Sheet

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  • "AC® Summit wins on quality with a nice plump oat kernel. It has an excellent disease package, which helps with the overall quality. Yields are comparable to other top white milling oat varieties and it has a nice short stature that stands really well. AC® Summit has been our most consistent oat under a wide range of conditions."

    - Randy Court, Court Seeds, Plumas, MB

  • "Our customers return year after year because of the standability and the ease of harvest with AC® Summit. Yield is consistent every year and the disease package is excellent. It's a very consistent product with amazing standability, harvestability, and high yield."

    - Sherry Woods, RJP Seeds Ltd., Carman, MB

  • "AC® Summit continues to be a top performer on our farm. Its ability to yield, matched with its disease package, makes this variety a very attractive oat for Western Canada."

    - Tom Greaves, Pitura Seed Service, Domain, MB

  • "We choose to grow AC® Summit because it consistently performs well under all conditions and doesn't break down due to weathering. You can rely on AC Summit to produce good quality milling oats that will be widely accepted by millers."

    - Tracy Court, Court Seeds, Plumas, MB

  • "We can't grow enough of this variety, all of our customers love growing it, and with it being sought after by the local oat millers in our area it makes marketing them for our customers a breeze."

    - Fedoruk Farms Inc., Kamsack, SK

  • "AC® Summit oats are the top oat variety in Manitoba. They provide market leading agronomics and milling characteristics that are preferred by all levels of the oat value chain."

    - Herman Wehrle PAg., Director of Market Development, FP Genetics Inc.


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