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CWAD Wheat


CDC Alloy delivers the top-end yield farmers expect from newer genetics without sacrificing potential protein premiums.

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  • Top-end yields; 109%* of the check
  • Good potential protein
  • Strong rust resistance, ‘MS’ for FHB
  • Mid-height with good standability

*Source: Request for Support of CDC Alloy



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  • "CDC Alloy is going to be another great durum variety by FP Genetics. The improved standability and yield make it a contender to be one of the best durum varieties available."

    - Shaun Fraser, Pambrun, SK

  • "Promising next step in CWAD varieties that offers a well rounded disease package. Very good yield and stood up well on the heavier land. Protein levels were also very good and the highest of the durum varieties on our farm."

    - Kevin Craswell, Craswell Seeds Ltd., Strasbourg, SK

  • "In our durum varietal trial this year, we were happy with the yield results we saw in our four new varieties. CDC Alloy yielded well, stood strong and the biggest advantage we saw with this variety was its ability to hold its colour after a rain event. HVK is critical in today's durum marketing and we are looking to find every advantage available. We will test these varieties again next year but so far CDC Alloy appears to be a strong performer across the board."

    Nick Petruic, Petruic Seed Company, Avonlea, SK

  • "CDC Alloy compared to the check CWAD stands better, thrashes easier, has good color and much higher yield. Making it a great step up in durum varieties for Western Canada.

    - Lorne Straub, Straub Seeds Inc., Pense, SK

  • "CDC Alloy is a next generation CWAD that gives you increased yield potential, good harcvstability and good standability."

    - Jim Etter, Etter Seed & Processing Ltd., Regina, SK

  • "It looks to be a higher-yielding durum I like the large seed and better yield of CDC Alloy."

    - Ron Smith, Limerick, SK

  • "The progression in durum varieties is evident with CDC Alloy. Its standability, threshing and finished sample characteristics are positive moves forward. CDC Alloy will be our farms primary durum in the years to come."

    - Dustin Klym, Regina, SK