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White Milling Oat


CDC Arborg is a white milling oat that pushes yield expectations higher. Strong standability combined with early maturity this variety is certain to impress growers. It has excellent market opportunities with high groat percentage, low thins and consistently high beta-glucan content making it the complete package for farmers and millers.

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  • Very high yielding
  • Strong straw and excellent standability
  • Earlier maturing than CS Camden
  • Excellent milling prospects
    • High beta-glucan content
  • Excellent forage yields and quality




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  • "We've grown CDC Arborg for two years now. It sets a new standard for oat yields and bushel weight. CDC Arborg stands up well making it great to straight cut. It will be a top seller for years to come."

    - Mike Fedoruk, Fedoruk Seeds Ltd.

  • "I have been impressed with the yield stability of CDC Arborg. Since prairie-wide testing in 2014, it has consistently produced high yields across all zones, and across all years that experienced both normal rainfall and drier conditions. To compliment the yield potential, CDC Arborg has shown very good lodging resistance. In areas that tend to produce lodging, such as Lacombe, Alberta and southern Manitoba it stood very well. In addition, the combination of high groat percentage, low thins and consistently high beta-glucan will be an attractive feature to millers."

    Dr. Aaron Beattie, Assistant Professor, Barley & Oat Breeding Program, Crop Development Centre

  • "We are very excited to introduce CDC Arborg to the Canadian marketplace. This new white milling oat is a step-up for both farmers and millers. Agronomically, CDC Arborg has top-of-class yields, very good lodging resistance, a strong disease package and an early maturity which is important in the northern regions of the prairies and for improved plant dry down. As for milling quality, tests are showing high test weights, good plump, good groat percentage, high protein, with low hulls and thins and a beta-glucan score over 5%."

    Herman Wehrle PAg., Director of Market Development, FP Genetics Inc.




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