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White Milling Oat


For growers looking for a high yielding, easy thrashing, short oat variety that stands well and produces little straw. CDC Ruffian has high test weights and low thins making it hard to beat.

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  • Good standability, easy to harvest
  • Short stature
  • High test weights




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Info Sheet

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  • "CDC Ruffian is a very strong milling oat variety that performed extremely well on our farm. Short strong straw with very plump kernels and exceptional yields."

    - Ken McDougall, McDougall Acres Ltd., Moose Jaw SK

  • "CDC Ruffian has exceeded our expectations in the last couple years under varying weather conditions as to yields, standability and quality. That is why for a milling oat choice I recommend CDC Ruffian to our customers."

    - Daryn Woods, Ferndale Farms Partnership, Rocanville SK

  • " We sold a couple super B's of CDC Ruffian last year to some of our customers and they loved it. They loved the shorter straw as they were able to push their fertility and come out with higher yields without sacrificing their quality."

    - Braden Beaven, Lake Country Co-op, Whitestar Location


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