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Forage Oat

Forage Oat

CDC Baler is a well adapted forage oat with high silage yields. It is a tall oat with a long season maturity that contributes to its excellent forage yields.

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  • High yielding forage
  • Tall plant structure
  • Long season maturity

*Source: 2017 Alberta Seed Guide, 2016 Regional Silage Variety Trials (pg. 80&81).




CDC Baler is suited to all the growing regions in Western Canada where oats are grown for forage silage.

Info Sheet

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  • "CDC Baler can be used as a silage, swath grazed or in combination with other legumes such as 40-10 forage peas."

    - Herman Wherle PAg., Director of Market Development, FP Genetics Inc.



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