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Hybrid Fall Rye


KWS Bono brings market-leading yields to your cereal rotation. This short hybrid has very good lodging resistance, making that early harvest a breeze. Since introduced in 2016, KWS Bono has been praised for consistently high yields & good quality grain production.

 Hybrid Fall Rye – The Most Profitable Cereal Crop

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  • Market-leading yields; up to 136%* of Hazlet
  • Very good lodging resistance
  • Short stature, easy to harvest
  • Good grain quality for all markets
  • *Source: 2021 Alberta Seed Guide


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  • "KWS Bono hybrid fall rye is the market leader in cereal yields. What's more, KWS Bono provides the highest returns per acre resulting in the lowest cereal feed cost on a per acre basis. Studies in Canada and around the world show hybrid fall rye is an excellent feed source for swine; cost effective ingredient, similar average daily gain and feed intake, improved herd health from high dietary fibre and fructane levels and improved carcass quality from less and firmer backfat."

    - Herman Wehrle, PAg., Director of Market Development, FP Genetics Inc.

  • "We are really happy with its winter hardiness and standability. The KWS Bono was shorter than the Brasetto and was great to straight cut. The yield last year was 118 bushels per acre with good falling numbers. We are quite happy with the KWS Bono in our rotation."

    - David Hamblin, Red River Seeds Ltd., Morris MB

  • "Hybridization in rye is a major step forward in rye genetics in Western Canada. The yield potential from hybrid varieties like KWS Bono appears to be very high given decent conditions. A major step in yield potential is what rye needs to be a competitive cereal."

    - Lee Moats, PAg,. Riceton SK



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