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Hybrid Fall Rye

The Ergot Fighter

KWS Gatano is a new high yielding hybrid fall rye with markedly improved ergot resistance. It yields 124%* of Hazlet and expresses 50% less ergot than other rye hybrids in registration trials. It is also known for its shorter hybrid structure, making harvesting a breeze. Put this together and you have an outstanding product for the food, feed and fuel markets.

In 2018, FP Genetics will be offering farm customers a trial early order hybrid fall rye offer.

Buy 10 units seed, get 1 unit seed free.

Trial Offer Details:

  1. Grower orders FP Genetics KWS Bono or KWS Gatano hybrid fall rye seed from their participating FP Genetics retailer by August 10, 2018.
  2. Grower takes delivery of seed by September 15, 2018.
  3. Grower receives 1 free unit seed for every 10 units seed purchased from their participating FP Genetics retailer.


Hybrid Fall Rye Is The Most Profitable Cereal Crop – learn more:    Download PDF

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  • Market leading hybrid yields; 124%* of Hazlet
  • Superior ergot resistance
  • 50% less ergot than competing rye products
  • Contains the KWS PollenPlus trait
  • Short straw, stands well and easy to harvest
  • High falling numbers for milling
  • Excellent for livestock feed

   Download PDF – Hybrid Fall Rye in Swine Diets *Source: 2018 Alberta Seed Guide


KWS Gatano hybrid fall rye is well suited to all the regions in Canada.

Info Sheet

   Download PDF

 2018 Hybrid Fall Rye Production Guide:      Download PDF


  • "We are very excited to bring KWS Gatano to the rye market. With its market leading ergot resistance, use in seed and food will just get easier."

    - Herman Wehrle PAg., Director of Market Development, FP Genetics Inc.

  • "KWS Gatano is #1 in ergot resistance. It has exceptional tiller capacity and works very well when planted early. Best results are expected when seeding as soon as average ground temperatures drop to 15°C and at slightly lower seeding rates of 0.6 to 0.8 units per acre. KWS Gatano also has the lowest score for rust and mildew of our KWS hybrids."

    - Claus Nymand, Product Manager Hybrid Rye, USA and Canada, KWS