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Hybrid Fall Rye

The Ergot Fighter

KWS Gatano is a new high yielding hybrid fall rye with markedly improved ergot resistance. It yields 132%* of Hazlet and expresses 50% less ergot than other rye hybrids in registration trials. It is also known for its shorter hybrid structure, making harvesting a breeze. Put this together and you have an outstanding product for the food, feed and fuel markets.

 Hybrid Fall Rye – The Most Profitable Cereal Crop

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  • Market leading hybrid yields; 132%* of Hazlet
  • Superior ergot resistance
  • 50% less ergot than competing rye products
  • Contains the KWS® PollenPlus trait
  • Short straw, stands well and easy to harvest
  • High falling numbers for milling
  • Excellent for livestock feed
*Source: 2019 Alberta Seed Guide



KWS Gatano hybrid fall rye is well suited to all the regions in Canada.

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  • "We are very excited to bring KWS Gatano to the rye market. With its market leading ergot resistance, use in seed and food will just get easier."

    - Herman Wehrle PAg., Director of Market Development, FP Genetics Inc.

  • "KWS Gatano is #1 in ergot resistance. It has exceptional tiller capacity and works very well when planted early. Best results are expected when seeding as soon as average ground temperatures drop to 15°C and at slightly lower seeding rates of 0.6 to 0.8 units per acre. KWS Gatano also has the lowest score for rust and mildew of our KWS hybrids."

    - Claus Nymand, Product Manager Hybrid Rye, USA and Canada, KWS