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Hybrid Fall Rye


KWS Gatano is the number one seeded Hybrid Fall Rye in Western Canada. This trusted hybrid has been the main choice for the new generation of rye growers. KWS Gatano brings an outstanding combination of enhanced ergot resistance and consistently high yields, making it the most popular Hybrid Fall Rye variety among growers.

 Hybrid Fall Rye – The Most Profitable Cereal Crop

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  • Best balance of yield potential and ergot resistance
  • Contains the KWS Pollen Plus® trait
  • Good grain quality for all markets

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  • "I grew Gatano on my farm last year and was very impressed with how it stood and harvested. With high yields and the lower ergot count in my samples it's a good testament to the Ergot resistance Gatano offers. I grew Gatano and Bono again this year and I am looking forward to my best yields yet.

    - Allan Caners, Fisher Branch, MB

  • "Gatano hybrid rye is everything previous hybrid rye has to offer in strong yield potential, improvements in stand and uniformity and quality characteristics. Plus the added benefit of less Ergot."

    - Nathan Nieboer, Quattro Seeds, Bow Island, AB

  • "We are very excited to bring KWS Gatano to the rye market. With its market leading ergot resistance, use in seed and food will just get easier."

    - Herman Wehrle PAg., Director of Market Development, FP Genetics Inc.

  • "KWS Gatano is #1 in Ergot resistance. It has exceptional tiller capacity and works very well when planted early. Best results are expected when seeding as soon as average ground temperatures drop to 15°C and at slightly lower seeding rates of 0.6 to 0.8 units per acre. KWS Gatano also has the lowest score for rust and mildew of our KWS hybrids."

    - Claus Nymand, Product Manager Hybrid Rye, USA and Canada, KWS


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