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Hybrid Fall Rye

Big Hybrid Yields & The Best Ergot Resistance Available

KWS Trebiano contains the KWS Pollen Plus® characteristics, leading to higher pollen shedding and reduced ergot. Chosen for its market-leading reduction in ergot and exceptionally high yields, this hybrid produces high quality product for the grain market.

 Hybrid Fall Rye – The Most Profitable Cereal Crop

 Hybrid Fall Rye, an Excellent Feed Source for Hogs

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  • Top-in-class ergot resistance
  • Contains the KWS Pollen Plus® characteristics
  • High yields, 127%* of Hazlet
  • Short straw, top-in-class standability
  • Best in grain quality
  • Low ergot, high falling number, high digestability

*Source: Request for Support for Interim Registration (KWS Trebiano) – Feb., 2019

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