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Adamant VB

CWRS Wheat

Tough Against Insects

CDC Adamant VB is the first CWRS wheat that provides resistance to both wheat stem sawfly and orange blossom wheat midge. Its’ a significant step up in yield from its predecessor Lillian, with the same early maturity. CDC Adamant VB will be a solid choice for growers looking for comprehensive resistance to both wheat stem sawfly and wheat midge.

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  • Wheat midge and wheat stem sawfly tolerance
  • Top-in-class stem solidness rating
  • higher yielding, 114%* of the check
  • Early maturing
  • High protein

*Source: 2019 Sask Seed Guide




CDC Bradwell


CDC Adamant VB is well suited for the wheat stem sawfly areas of the prairies

Info Sheet

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  • "I have grown CDC Adamant VB for the past two years. I think the combination of high yield with both midge resistance and wheat stem sawfly tolerance will make CDC Adamant VB a winner for my customers."

    - Barry Reisner, Reisner Farm Ltd., Limerick SK

  • "CDC Adamant VB looks to be a very promising hard red spring wheat variety. It has high yield (one of the first spring wheats to yield as well as our new durum varieties), sawfly resistance, midge tolerance, good thrashability without risk of shelling and just a nice looking, deep red wheat. Looks like a winner!"

    - Don Welsh, Sleepy Hollow Seeds Ltd., Milk River AB