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CWRS Wheat

The Proven Performer

CDC Utmost VB takes being a midge tolerant wheat pretty seriously. It’s been a top choice for a CWRS wheat for several years. It’s early maturing, easy to combine and retains an improved seed colour at harvest. Great yields, good agronomics and wheat midge insurance with no additional cost.

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  • Top-in-class yield; up to 110%* of the check
  • Wheat midge tolerant
  • Early maturity
  • Very good grain colour retention

*Source: 2018 Sask Seed Guide


AC Elsa//CDC Teal/Seneca DH#10


AC® Harvest


CDC Utmost VB is well suited for all wheat midge affected areas in Western Canada.

Info Sheet

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  • "A very good consistent option for customers who are looking for a good midge tolerant wheat."

    - Rod Merryweather, CEO, FP Genetics Inc.

  • " CDC Utmost VB is the most popular midge tolerant wheat grown today. It is known for its superior yields, early maturity and high grain quality."

    Herman Wehrle P.Ag, Director of Market Development, FP Genetics Inc.