AAC Synergy

Sets the yield standard

Highest acreage malt in W. Canada

Strong market demand

A Great Combination of Malt and Agronomics
AAC Synergy is the yield standard for two row malt barley in Western Canada. It offers a favourable quality profile that includes relatively low protein with high plump, high extract and low beta-glucan levels, complementing a good foliar disease resistance package. AAC Synergy combines great yield potential with desireable quality for the malt market.
  • #1 for seeded acres in Canada, most trusted malt variety
  • Unique quality profile that suits both the adjunct and craft brewing markets
  • CMBTC recommended malt variety
  • Higher extract than AC Metcalfe and CDC Copeland with lower beta-glucan levels
Maturity: +0.4 Days vs CDC Copeland
Height: -5.8 cm vs CDC Copeland
Lodging Resistance: Good (3)
FHB Rating: I
Root Rot Rating: I
Stem Rust Rating: MR
Net Blotch – Net Form Rating: MR
Net Blotch – Spot Form Rating: R
AC Metcalfe, Newdale

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