AAC Schrader

Highest resistance rating globally to FHB in Durum

High protein – similar to Strongfield

Flourishing Future, Unrivaled FHB Resistance Globally
AAC Schrader is the first and only ‘I’ for Fusarium Head Blight, displaying the highest resistance to FHB in CWAD. It’s very high yielding with standability that’s excellent and similar to Brigade. AAC Schrader is medium height with high grain protein, equal to Strongfield.
  • Very high yielding – similar to Brigade
  • Excellent standability
  • Medium height
Maturity: +1.5 Days vs Strongfield
Height: + 5 cm vs Strongfield
Lodging Resistance: Very Good (1.5)
FHB Rating: I
Stem Rust Rating: R
Leaf Rust Rating: R
Stripe Rust Rating: R
Bunt Rating: MR
AAC Congress, AC® Transcend

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Robert James Schrader

Robert James Schrader

In October 1970, 40 year old Sgt. Bob Schrader, and 30 year old Constable Doug Anson, were shot and killed, while investigating a domestic dispute. Sgt. Schrader had served in the RCMP for 22 years. He left behind a wife and five children. The officers are buried side-by-side with full honours at the RCMP Cemetery in Regina.