AAC Succeed VB

High yielding

High protein

Wheat midge tolerant

Strong Disease Resistance, High in Protein
AAC Succeed VB is a top choice for new and innovative genetics in the durum market. This midge tolerant durum boasts a strong disease package and is among the highest in the class for protein. With the added peace of mind of wheat midge tolerance, AAC Succeed VB is a great choice among the new class of CWAD. It has the marker for the Sm1 gene and expresses the unique combination of resistance to orange wheat blossom midge with strong straw.
  • Performs well in dry conditions
  • Maturity equal to Strongfield
  • High protein – similar to Strongfield
Maturity: +0.3 Days vs Strongfield
Height: + 1.8 cm vs Strongfield
Lodging Resistance: Good (2.7)
FHB Rating: MS
Stem Rust Rating: MR
Leaf Rust Rating: R
Stripe Rust Rating: MR
Bunt Rating: R
AC® Napoleon, AC Navigator, Caldwell, Commander, Kyle, Strongfield

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