SU Performer

High consistent grain yields

High forage yields

Excellent winter hardiness, survivability & standability

A True Performer
SU Performer boasts exceptional versatility, delivering high and consistent grain yields alongside impressive forage production. Its robust winter hardiness ensures reliability in a challenging Canadian climate, making it a standout choice for farmers seeking dependable returns. With yields reaching 123% of Hazlet and 104% of Trebiano across Western Canada, SU Performer is a true all-rounder. With options for marketing, milling, distilling, ethanol and feed, this variety excels, offering flexibility in end-use options. It matures early, stands strong, and its shorter height simplifies management.
  • Excellent Dual Purpose – Grain and Forage
  • Mid height (-12 cm Hazlet)
  • Early Maturing – 2 days Hazlet
  • Very High Ratings for fall and spring vigour
Maturity: -2 Days vs Hazlet
Height: +-12 cm vs Hazlet
Lodging Resistance: Good (2.1)
none (European breeding lines)

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