CDC Nimble CL®

Imidazolinone (Clearfield®) tolerant

High yield potential

Good disease tolerance

Small but Agile Against Weeds
CDC Nimble CL® is an imidazolinone tolerant small red lentil with high yield potential in all lentil growing areas. CDC Nimble CL® is rated 'MR' for Ascochyta Blight and Anthracnose Race 1. CDC Nimble CL® has early to medium maturity. It has a gray seed coat colour and red cotyledon colour.
  • Seed thickness greater than CDC Maxim
  • High yield compared to CDC Maxim
  • Good resistance to Ascochyta Blight
Maturity: -1 Days vs CDC Maxim
Height: + 1 cm vs CDC Maxim
Lodging Resistance: Very Good (1.7)
Ascochyta Blight Rating: MR
Anthracnose Race 1 Rating: MR
CDC Impala CL®, CDC Redmoon

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