CDC Arborg

Excellent yield potential

Early maturing by 3 days compared to AC Morgan

Accepted by all millers

The Complete Package for Farmers and Millers
CDC Arborg is a white milling oat that pushes yield expectations higher. Strong standability combined with early maturity, this variety is certain to impress growers. It has excellent market opportunities with high groat percentage, low thins and consistently high beta-glucan content making it the complete package for farmers and millers. Its tall canopy of large leaves lends well to forage production.
  • Rated ‘VG’ for standability
  • Strong straw / excellent standability
  • Excellent forage yields and quality
  • 7% higher yielding than AC Morgan
Maturity: -1 Days vs CS Camden
Height: + 6.1 cm vs CS Camden
Lodging Resistance: Very Good (1.4)
Crown Rust Rating: I
Stem Rust Rating: S
Other Smuts Rating: R
BYDV Rating: S
CDC Baler

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