AAC Julius

New benchmark for seed coat integrity

Semi -leafless

Very high yield; 109-113% of AAC Lacombe

Pulse of the Prairies
AAC Julius is a new high yielding yellow pea with a significantly smaller seed size that growers are looking for. AAC Julius has increased protein content and sets a new benchmark for seed coat integrity. This semi-leafless yellow pea may be small but brings mighty potential to a pulse rotation.
  • Rated ‘G’ for seed coat breakage and dimpling
  • High protein similar to AAC Profit
  • Small seed size: 210 TKW
Maturity: Similar to CDC Amarillo
Height: -1 cm vs AAC Lacombe
Lodging Resistance: Good (3.6)
Powdery Mildew Rating: R
Root Rot Rating: MR
Mycosphaerella Blight Rating: 4.5
Agassiz, Eclipse, Miami

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Julius Brown

Julius Brown

Julius Brown was born in South Carolina, and served in the U.S. Air Force. Julius is the director for OSI-CAN which is a program that started in Saskatchewan and provides mental health support services to Canadian Veterans and First Responders dealing with Operational Stress Injuries.