AAC Hodge VB

High yielding

Excellent standability

Wheat Midge tolerant

High Yields, High Performance, High Protection
AAC Hodge VB is a new midge tolerant CWRS that will set new yield expectations for the Western Canadian grower. This variety was the highest yielding CWRS ever to be registered to date. Extremely strong standability and an exceptional disease resistance package including an ‘MR’ for FHB and ‘R’ for all other priority one diseases. This variety has high performance with high yields and high levels of protection.
  • Superior disease package – Rated ‘MR’ for FHB and ‘R’ to all other priority 1 diseases
  • Highest yielding CWRS ever registered; 117% of Carberry
Maturity: -1 Days vs Carberry
Height: + 5 cm vs Carberry
Lodging Resistance: Very Good (1.1)
FHB Rating: MR
Stem Rust Rating: R
Leaf Rust Rating: R
Stripe Rust Rating: R
Bunt Rating: R


Refuge Variety:

AAC Hockley

Alsen, Howell, Prodigy

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Frederick E. Hodge

Frederick E. Hodge

Frederick Edward Hodge was born May 17, 1919 in Winnipeg Manitoba. Hodge joined the Royal Winnipeg Rifles in 1938 and went overseas in 1941. A Major with the 7th Infantry Brigade, Hodge was part of the initial assault on Juno Beach, D-Day June 6,1944. Hodge was taken as a prisoner of war and later executed. Read Frederick Hodge’s full bio at: sasklegion.ca