CDC Silas


Good standability

Strong rust resistance

Unleash the Potential
CDC Silas is a new CWRS that offers very high yield potential and good standability for growers looking to maximize bushels. CDC Silas is a short semi-dwarf displaying slightly earlier maturity than commonly grown CWRS varieties. It includes a good disease resistance package and produces good grade results making this variety a quality choice for today’s progressive farmer.
  • Very high yield potential; 112% of Carberry in registration trials
  • Maturity equal to Carberry
Maturity: +0.3 Days vs Carberry
Height: + 1 cm vs Carberry
Lodging Resistance: Good (2.3)
FHB Rating: I
Stem Rust Rating: MR
Leaf Rust Rating: R
Stripe Rust Rating: I
Bunt Rating: MS
Alsen, CDC Bounty

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Silas Campbell

Silas Campbell

Silas Campbell joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1943 and was posted in England in 1944. Silas was a tail gunner on a Lancaster Bomber and flew 36 missions over Germany. In August 2022, Silas will be 98 years young. He has 17 grandchildren and loves to golf whenever possible.