AAC Darby VB

Only significantly early maturing midge tolerant CWRS

High yielding equal to Viewfield and Brandon

Midge tolerant

Very Early Maturing Midge Tolerant Wheat
High yielding, awned, hollow stemmed spring wheat with early maturity.
  • Very early maturing midge tolerant wheat; 5 days earlier than Carberry, 1 day earlier than Parata
  • Good protein, similar to Carberry
  • I for FHB, MR or better for all rusts
Maturity: -4.8 Days vs Carberry
Height: + 9.7 cm vs Carberry
Lodging Resistance: Good (2)
FHB Rating: I
Stem Rust Rating: MR
Leaf Rust Rating: R
Stripe Rust Rating: R
Bunt Rating: MS


Refuge Variety:

AAC Hassler

CDC Titanium, Peace

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Darby Morin

Darby Morin

Darby was born in North Battleford in 1983 and grew up on the Big River First Nation. After graduating high school he joined the United States Army. In 2009, while on his second overseas combat tour, Sgt. Morin was killed when the vehicle he was in rolled over near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.