AAC Hockley

Excellent yield potential

Threshes very well

Unsurpassed disease package

Superior Performance Across Western Canada
AAC Hockley is the next level performance over AAC Brandon and AAC Viewfield in yield, disease resistance and standability. With protein potential similar to Carberry, AAC Hockley has been easy to thresh, has a good sprouting rating and has a short semi-dwarf stature that stands well.
  • Superior standability
  • Rated ’MR’ or better for all Priority 1 diseases
  • Consistently high yields
Maturity: +0.7 Days vs Carberry
Height: -1.4 cm vs Carberry
Lodging Resistance: Very Good (1.3)
FHB Rating: MR
Stem Rust Rating: MR
Leaf Rust Rating: R
Stripe Rust Rating: R
Bunt Rating: R
Alsen, Amidon, CDC Plentiful, Grandin, Infinity

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Jack Hockley

Jack Hockley

Jack Hockley was born in the Yellow Grass area in 1926. Jack joined the Canadian Army during World War II. He served with Pacific Command, and was honourably discharged in Regina in April 1946. Jack has been a member of the Maple Creek Legion Branch #75 for thirty years.