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CWRS Wheat


CDC Landmark VB continues to be the leading midge tolerant semi-dwarf CWRS with unsurpassed standability and sprout tolerance. This short variety, carrying the SM1 gene, is suited for any farmer looking for top-end yield potential and peace of mind.

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  • Semi-dwarf midge tolerant wheat
  • Leading standability in a varietal blend
  • Good sprout tolerance
  • Easy to harvest
  • Semi-solid stem
  • Highest midge tolerant wheat acres in Western Canada





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  • "It goes though the combine easily and stands better than most varieties. We find CDC Landmark to be about the earliest maturing of the really good yielding varieties The seed has always been excellent quality with good protein. CDC Landmark is a top-notch variety."

    - Wayne Alford, Swan Valley Seeds, Swan River, MB

  • "Wow! This variety has it all. Yield, midge tolerance and a good disease package. It was a dream to harvest and kept the trucker very busy. It was the top yielder on our farm and one of the top yielders in the local area. CDC Landmark VB will be planted on all my wheat acres next year."

    - Brent McCarthy, McCarthy Seed Farm Ltd., Corning, SK

  • "CDC Landmark VB has exceeded my expectations with yield and quality this season. When a new variety averages yields in excess of 85 bu/ac, I am excited to share this with my customers and see them achieve great things with this new variety."

    - Mark Keating, Keating Seeds, Russell, MB

  • "CDC Landmark VB is a great improvement on lodging, fusarium rating and thrashability in a CWRS blend. It will be the variety of choice by commercial growers for many years to come."

    - Daryn Woods, Ferndale Farms Partnership, Rocanville, SK

  • "Very uniform stand throughout the growing season and into harvest which made spraying and combining a breeze. High yield along with large seed size and excellent color. Next generation of midge tolerant semi-dwarf wheat that we are recommending to customers and will be very popular in coming years."

    - Kevin Craswell, Craswell Seeds Ltd., Strasbourg, SK

  • "We grew CDC Landmark VB and we were very impressed with the results. It's one of the first semi-dwarf midge tolerant varieties with strong straw that is semi solid. Yield losses to insects are much larger than most growers realize and this variety will help combat those issues."

    - Tim Pizzey, Inland Seed Corp., Binscarth, MB

  • " CDC Landmark VB CWRS is a very nice semi-dwarf midge tolerant wheat that fits well with most commercial farms. CDC Landmark VB performed very well on our farm."

    - Ken McDougall, McDougall Acres Ltd., Moose Jaw, SK






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