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CWRS Wheat

The Fusarium Fighter

CDC Plentiful provides the best genetic protection of fusarium head blight (FHB) in the CWRS class. It’s known for its very early maturity and when seeded early it has an even better chance to flower before ideal conditions for FHB infection occur. CDC Plentiful is rounded out with high yields, high protein and high gluten strength, making it a strong warrior in CWRS wheat. New for 2018, Manipulator® plant growth regulator from Engage Agro now has market acceptance in the USA and can be readily used with CDC Plentiful to achieve significantly higher yields, shorter straw and superior standability.

*Manipulator® is a trademark of Engage Agro

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  • Market leading disease package
  • Best-in-class resistance to FHB, rated MR
  • Early maturity and awnless head structure
  • Competitive yields; up to 105%* of the check
  • Superior grain quality
  • High protein and high gluten strength
  • Key product in the Warburton program

*Source: 2019 Sask Seed Guide


AC Elsa/AC Barrie//CDC Go


CDC Plentiful matures early and is very well suited for brown, dark brown, light black and grey soils.

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  • "Plentiful wheat is an excellent variety. It yields well, has an MR rating for fusarium and is early maturing. Last year we had the wheat in the bin in early September and it graded #2 with high protein."

    - Ron Gilmour, Craik SK

  • "CDC Plentiful now has the 'green light' for use with Manipulator® by Engage Agro. Studies in 2016 & 2017 by the Indian Head Agricultural Research Foundation have shown an average yield increase of 9 bu/ac. average reduction in height of 8 cm and average improved lodging resistance of 114%. This new use will allow growers to really put the groceries to CDC Plentiful to extract the full value out of its genetics. Use of Manipulator® with CDC Plentiful is really a 'no-brainer'."

    - Herman Wehrle, P.Ag., Director of Market Development, FP Genetics Inc.

  • "I've grown CDC Plentiful for four years and it has performed admirably. Other varieties yield well and have disease resistance, but CDC Plentiful also matures early. In our area, that is a beautiful combination."

    - Wayne Alford, Swan Valley Seeds Ltd., Swan River MB