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Plant Breeders’ Rights

Plant Breeders’ Rights (PBR) legislation has evolved to bring Canada in line with the rest of the world and ensure our country attracts the necessary genetics and investment for the seed industry.  This will provide Canadian farmers with the technology to be competitive on the world stage.

The following chart compares the original PBR Act and the new legislation (pre- and post- February 27, 2015).

  PBR 78 PBR 91
Can farmers save/clean seed for use on their farm? Yes, only for use on their farm Yes, only for use on their farm
Can farmers sell farm-saved seed to other farmers? No No
Can farmers exchange seed with other farmers? No No
Can farmers buy saved seed for their farm? Not specified No
Are grain buyers liable for breaches of the breeders’ rights? No Yes
Can breeders be compensated for lost royalty revenue, lost markets and court costs? No Yes, by farmers, cleaners and grain buyers


To ensure you are on the right side of the new Plant Breeders’ Rights legislation, always buy Certified seed each time you purchase new seed for the farm.  Purchasing Certified seed ensures you have the best seed, to grow the best crops, while supporting new technology and your future competitiveness.

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