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Our commitment to providing you with the best genetics has been unwavering, and today, we’re excited to announce a groundbreaking collaboration that will revolutionize the accessibility of Hybrid Fall Rye for Western Canada.

FP Genetics and SeedNet, pioneers who brought Hybrid Fall Rye to Canada, are joining forces to elevate the experience for Western Canadian farmers. This is a convergence of expertise and dedication, tailored to helping FARMING WIN. In a powerful alliance, FP Genetics and SeedNet, two committed Canadian companies, are ushering in a new era of agricultural possibilities.

This partnership isn’t just about seeds; it’s about understanding the needs and desire for the best varieties and genetics available.

What’s Changing?…. Through streamlined production and distribution, both companies Hybrid Fall Rye retail networks will expand access to market-leading varieties like SU Cossani and SU Performer. This collaboration empowers SeedNet to focus on delivering high-quality seed, while FP Genetics takes the lead in marketing and market development activities.

FP Genetics’ CEO, Chris Churko, acknowledges the profound journey both companies have undertaken. “Since 2015, our companies have been on parallel paths as we have learned how well Hybrid Fall Rye fits growers’ needs in Western Canada.” The certainty this brings ensures that the seeds you receive are not just products, but solutions crafted with deep agricultural knowledge.

SeedNet’s General Manager, Jeff Jackson, expresses the shared sentiment, “We’re very excited to be partnering with FP Genetics. They’re farmer-focused like we are and have done a great job bringing a lot of new varieties to Canada.” This partnership is more than a business move; it’s a shared passion for supporting farmers.

Looking Ahead, Nathan Penner, FP Genetics’ Director of Commercialization, expresses excitement about the expanded relationship, stating, “Their enviable production expertise, plus their ability to connect with growers will be a tremendous asset.” It’s a synergy of skills and insights geared towards making Hybrid Fall Rye readily available to commercial growers across the Prairies.

As two farmer-owned entities, our focus remains resolutely on you—on understanding your needs, addressing your challenges, and enhancing your farming journey. We need to remember we’ve been a valued partner on your farm for decades and we continue our relentless pursuit of the best genetics.

Please direct any media inquiries to

Bray Hudson, Communications Marketing Manager, FP Genetics       306-791-1045 ext 234


Jeff Jackson, General Manager, SeedNet    403-808-7738

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FP-SeedNet release April