AAC Synergy FP Genetics 2 row malt bartley

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The preferred choice among farmers, AAC Synergy, the market-leading malting barley, maintains itself, as the top choice barley variety. FP Genetics anticipates and supports the sustained and healthy demand for AAC Synergy throughout the 2024 season and beyond.

Listed as the most popular variety on the Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre (CMBTC) 2024-25 Recommended Malting Barley Varieties List, AAC Synergy, registered in 2012, has been a foundational variety in Canada since its inclusion in2013. Renowned for its exceptional yields, AAC Synergy claimed a remarkable 32.2% of the total seeded area in Western Canada in 2023, surpassing CDC Copeland by a notable 10% – a remarkable achievement with total reassurance in its stature.

With its impressive agronomic performance, AAC Synergy maintains popularity among producers, and continues to be sought after by both by domestic and export maltsters. The CMBTC contributed greatly to the success of AAC Synergy and will continue to support getting newer varieties established. AAC Synergy is predicted to remain number one in acres for several years to come as the newer varieties develop their presence. AAC Synergy is accepted by maltsters and gives farmers choice by providing the volumes needed to win by delivering to either the feed or malt market.

According to CMBTC Managing Director Peter Watts, successful malting barley varieties follow a natural lifecycle of rising popularity, stability, and eventual decline in favor of newer alternatives. With AAC Synergy reaching the 10-year mark, it aligns with this lifecycle pattern. Some malted barleys have had lifecycles of 20 years, including the likes of Legacy, CDC Copeland and AC Metcalf. AAC Synergy is only halfway there, with Peter Watts previously anticipating the potential takeover of CDC Copeland for seeded acres in 2023…recent data shows AAC Synergy did exactly that.

While there is an ongoing shift in end-user interest towards newer varieties, FP Genetics CEO, Chris Churko, assures dealers and farmers of the ongoing and vigorous demand for AAC Synergy. Churko emphasizes that growing AAC Synergy remains a wise decision, supported by its proven track record, as evidenced by the acres seeded. The demand for AAC Synergy is expected to remain incredibly strong in the foreseeable future. We acknowledge the gradual adoption of new varieties, as implementation of new varieties takes time. FP Genetics commits to monitoring demand trends and keeping valued customers informed of any significant changes.

As growers now have the opportunity to choose leading varieties, AAC Synergy empowers farmers, helping growers thrive and ensuring…….FARMING WINS.