March 28, 2016, Regina, SK – FP Genetics is introducing Elgin ND, a new high- yielding wheat in the upcoming Canadian Northern Red Spring (CNRS) wheat class. “Many grain companies are now offering production contracts for this new class of wheat. While the new CNRS wheat class currently offers prices of $0.30–0.50/bushels lower than CWRS, the high yields realized with Elgin ND can actually deliver the farmer gross revenue of $36–45/acre more than CWRS varieties like Carberry,” says Rod Merryweather, CEO of FP Genetics Inc. The new wheat class will come into existence in August 2016, and will offer a quality milling wheat for milling customers who do not need the higher quality standards of a CWRS. Wheat varieties intended for this class currently sit in either the CWIW class or the CWRS class. Yield comparisons indicate that in Manitoba and Eastern Saskatchewan, Elgin ND yielded 19–22% higher than Carberry (one of the older, most popular CWRS varieties). For a grower targeting a yield of 50 bushels with Carberry, Elgin ND will deliver an average 10 bushels more yield or about 60/bushels per acre in that same field. “Ceres Grain in Northgate, on March 18th was offering $6.31/ bushel for Elgin ND with 13% protein and 300+ falling numbers, both of which are very achievable with Elgin, for delivery next December. A CWRS wheat with 13.5% protein and the same falling number was paying $6.63 per bushel. If we use this comparison, and the higher yields Elgin delivers, the results clearly put it as the most profitable by about $47 per acre. At other elevators the spread between CWRS was up to $0.50/ bushel. Even so, Elgin ND still delivers $35 per acre more revenue,” adds Merryweather. “While many CWRS varieties like CDC Utmost VB, or CDC Plentiful (both FP Genetics varieties), yield better than Carberry, FP Genetics is offering a profit guarantee with Elgin ND over any CWRS variety when grown with the same input package and on the same field,” says Denise Schmidt, National Sales Manager of FP Genetics. “This guarantee is available to any farmer who wants to do a simple comparison. We’d ask they use an integrated pest management approach and contract for delivery to the same facility with a locked-in price for delivery in the same period. To participate in this program, a grower should contact their local FP Genetics retailer/seedsman and ask them about Elgin ND.” “Our Territory Managers will then work with the grower to set up the appropriate comparison. Once growers see the extra profit available per acre, they may not even follow through with the comparison because the data is clear. Elgin ND will out yield the CWRS competition,” adds Schmidt. “Elgin ND is offered as a package product with Raxil-branded products, and producers can receive a discount on matching Prosaro- treated acres when they purchase the Elgin ND package.” Contact your FP Genetics retailer for more details. NEWS RELEASE FP Genetics is dedicated to providing superior seed genetics to Western Canadian farmers through 153 local seedsmen that own the company. Recognized as a leader in the cereal seed business, they license leading genetics from breeding companies around the globe, producing and distributing pedigreed seed to commercial farmers who want the most profitable seed varieties.