November 2015, Regina, SK – FP Genetics is pleased to announce that they are bringing Elgin ND to Canadian farmers. Elgin ND is a high yielding milling wheat from the North Dakota State University (NDSU) breeding program with the highest protein content in the new Canada Western Interim Wheat (CWIW) market class. This awned, semi-dwarf CWIW wheat has an excellent disease package and good lodging resistance. “We brought Elgin ND to the market because Canadian farmers want high yielding milling varieties that have good agronomic traits like disease tolerance, a short stature that enables straight cutting at harvest, and reduced lodging that helps maintain quality,” says Rod Merryweather, CEO of FP Genetics. “Elgin ND is ideal for growers seeking high yield and maximum revenue per acre. It fits perfectly into the new CWIW milling class.” Currently only three varieties, Faller, Prosper and Elgin ND, are in the CWIW class, and all were developed out of NDSU. Elgin ND is the newest variety but after three years has surpassed the other two older varieties in seeded area in North Dakota because of higher protein, (about 1 percent higher) better gluten strength, and more consistent quality and yield. In Canada yield is similar to Canada Prairie Spring (CPS) wheat varieties but CWIW is better for milling. “Currently CWIW is trading at a discount of $0.40 to $0.50 per bushel to CWRS, but Elgin ND’s high yield can deliver better profitability,” says Merryweather. “Growers do not need a contract to grow Elgin ND, which means good marketing and purchase flexibility.” The variety fits best in Manitoba and Eastern Saskatchewan where it delivers high yield and high protein. Elgin ND will perform best for growers targeting maximum yield through higher seeding rates, optimum fertility programs, and IPM practices for disease management. FP Genetics is dedicated to providing superior seed genetics to Western Canadian farmers through 153 local seedsmen that own the company. Recognized as a leader in the cereal seed business, they license leading genetics from breeding companies around the globe, producing and distributing pedigreed seed to commercial farmers who want the most profitable seed varieties.