AAC Hassler

The perfect choice for early harvests

A disease-resistant wheat for your fields

The Early Bird of Wheat - Great for Northern Prairies
High yielding, awned, hollow stemmed spring wheat with yields higher than the check varieties Glenn and Carberry. It is characterized by its very early maturity, which is 5 days earlier than Carberry. AAC Hassler has a good disease package and is rated ‘MR’ or better for all rusts. The kernel cheek shape of AAC Hassler is rounded.
  • Very early maturity; 4 days earlier than Carberry
  • Good disease resistance package
  • Rated MR or better for all rusts
Maturity: -3.6 Days vs AC Carberry
Height: + 5.6 cm vs AC Carberry
Lodging Resistance: Good (3.1)
FHB Rating: I
Stem Rust Rating: MR
Leaf Rust Rating: R
Stripe Rust Rating: R
Bunt Rating: MS
CDC Titanium, Thorsby

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Deon Hassler

Deon Hassler

Deon served in the U.S. Navy, maintaining ships' water boilers and sewage systems. He returned to his family home in Saskatchewan to work with Indigenous communities, ensuring the health and safety of their water supplies. In 2019 he received the National First Nations Water Leadership Award from Indigenous Services Canada.